Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers

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  Chapter I. Formatting

Etude 1.1.

Text fit (changing font size and spacing)

Template "", 21 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 1.2.

Symbol Case

Template "", 18 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 1.3.

Finding and Painting Hyperlinks

Template "", 28 Kb, ZIP,  [download].

Etude 1.4.


Template "", 35 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 1.5.

Inserting Formatted Text

Template "", 24 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 1.6.

Text in The Column

Etude 1.6. Text in The Column

Template "", 40 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 1.7.

Formatting Headline

Etude 1.7. Formatting Headline

Template "", 59 Kb, ZIP [download].

  Chapter II. Menus and Toolbars
Etude 2.1

Built-in Toolbars

Template "", 22 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 2.2

Custom Toolbars

Template "", 21 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 2.3

Built-in Icons

Template "" 19 Kb, ZIP [download].
Template "" 24 Kb, ZIP [download].

Template "" 15 Kb, ZIP [download] [download the original file].
Template "Icon" 38 Kb, ZIP [download] [download the original].
Template "BtnFaces.xla" 17 Kb, ZIP [download] [download the original].

Download all together!, 111 Kb, ZIP.


Etude 2.4

Icon Instruments


Program "Clip2File.exe", 82 Κα, ZIP,  [download].

The Clip2File page

The template "" is intended for working together with the library AhWordImages.dll 105 Κα, ZIP format [download].


Etude 2.5

Modifying Toolbars

Template "", 19 Kb, ZIP [download].


  Chapter III. Automation
Etude 3.1
Working with Document Properties
Template "", 32 Kb, ZIP [download].

Utility "GetOLEProps.exe" 108 Kb,  ZIP  [download].


Etude 3.2

Customizing Drag-n-Drop for Microsoft Word Document Window


"" template and "AhCustomDragDrop.dll"
  37 Kb, ZIP [download].

Etude 3.3

Microsoft Word as Automation Server

Utility "WordCount.exe" and  "AhWordCount.dll", 203 Kb, ZIP,  [download].


Etude 3.4

Sound Transcriber




  Chapter IV. Events
Etude 4.1

Document State Saver

Template "", 68 Κα, ZIP [download].

Template "" could be downloaded from the "AhDocStateSaver" page on "Microsoft Office Extensions" web site as well.



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