Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers

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Visual Basic was (and probably remains) the number one bestselling language product of all times.

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Chapter I. Formatting

Etude 1.1. Text Fit

Etude 1.2. Symbol Case
Etude 1.3. Searching and Painting Hyperlinks
"Find and Replace" Dialog. Find  Object and Replacement Object.
"Edit Hyperlink" Dialog. Hyperlink Object and Hyperlinks Collection.
Etude 1.4. Styles.
Etude 1.5. Inserting Formatted Text.
Etude 1.6. Text in The Column
Etude 1.7. Formatting Headline
Chapter 2. Menus and Toolbars
Etude 2.1. Built-in Toolbars
Etude 2.2. Custom Toolbars
Etude 2.3. Built-in Icons
Etude 2.4. Icon Instruments
Etude 2.5. Modifying Toolbars
Chapter 3. Automation
Etude 3.1. Working with Document Properties
Microsoft Office Document Properties
Etude 3.2. Customizing Drag-n-Drop for Microsoft Word Document Window
Etude 3.3. Microsoft Word as Automation Server
Etude 3.4. Integration of Microsoft Word and Windows Media Player
Source code for this project will be "the last brick in the wall".
Chapter 4. Events
Etude 4.1. Document State Saver
Etude 4.2. Encrypting Documents
Appendix and Help Information
Font Sizes
Special Symbols
Diacritic Symbols
Typo Dictionary
Microsoft Word Objects in the book
Microsoft Word Object Model
Object Application
Object Document
Object Selection
Object Range
Object View
Enumerations Color and ColorIndex
Object Border
Object Frame
Object Shading
Object Font
Object ParagraphFormat
Object Style
All Microsoft Word Enumerations
C++ Etudes (Utilities, described in the Book)


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