Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers. Appendix.

Word Objects in the Book

Here is a list of Word Objects mentioned in the Book.

Object Location
Application Application Object
Bookmark(s) Etude 7.
Border Border Object. Etude 4.
BuiltInDocumentProperties Etude 13.
CommandBar(s) Etude 9.
CommandBarControl Etude 9.
CustomDocumentProperties Etude 13.
Document Document Object.
Find Object Find.
Font Object Font.
Frame Object Frame.
Hyperlink(s) Object Hyperlink.
LineNumbering Etude 6.
PageSetup Etude 6.
ParagraphFormat Etude 4.
Range Object Range.
Replacement Object Replacement.
Selection Object Selection.
Shading Object Shading.
Style(s) Object Style.
Table(s) Etude 8.
TextColumn(s) Object TextColumn.
Variables Etude 13.
View Object View.

Word and Office Enumerations in the Book

Here is a list of Word and Office Enumerations and Constants mentioned in the Book.

The full list of Microsoft Word enumerations can be found here.


Enumeration Location
AddAddress tag ids Application
CleanString symbols Application
File converter class names Application
MsoAutomationSecurity Application
MsoEncoding Document
MsoFeatureInstall Application
MsoFileDialogType Application
MsoSyncEventType Application, Document
WdAlertLevel Application
WdAnimation Font
WdAutoFirBehavior Selection, Range
WdAutoMacros Document
WdBaselineAlignment ParagraphFormat
WdBreakType Selection
WdBuiltinStyle Style
WdCaptionLabelID Selection, Range
WdColor Colors
WdColorIndex Colors
WdCompareTarget Document
WdCompatibility Document
WdDefaultTableBehavior Selection, Range
WdDisableFeaturesIntroducedAfter Document
WdDocumentKind Document
WdDocumentMedium Application
WdEditorType Document, Selection, Range
WdEmphasisMark Font
WdEnableCancelKey Application
WdEncloseStyle Range
WdEnclosureType Range
WdFarEastLineBreakLanguageID Document
WdFieldKind Document
WdFieldShading View
WdFindWrap Find
WdFrameSizeRule Frame
WdFramePosition Frame
WdGoToDirection Document
WdGoToDirection Selection, Range
WdGoToItem Document, Selection, Range
WdGutterStyle PageSetup
WdGutterStyleOld PageSetup
WdHelpType Application
WdInformation Selection, Range
WdInsertCells Selection
WdInternationalIndex Application
WdJustificationMode Document
WdKey Application
WdKeyCategory Application
WdLayoutMode PageSetup
WdLetterheadLocation Document
WdLetterStyle Document
WdLineEndingType Document
WdLineSpacing ParagraphFormat
WdLineStyle Border
WdMailSystem Application
WdMergeTarget Document
WdMovementType Selection, Range
WdNumberingRule LineNumbering
WdNumberType Document
WdOrganizer Application
WdOrientation PageSetup
WdOriginalFormat Application
WdOutlineLevel ParagraphFormat
WdPaperSize PageSetup
WdPaperTray PageSetup
WdParagraphAlignment ParagraphFormat
WdPasteDataType Selection, Range
WdPhoneticGuideAlignmentType Range
WdPrintOutItem Application
WdPrintOutPages Application
WdPrintOutRange Application
WdProtectionType Document
WdRecoveryType Selection
WdReferenceKind Selection, Range
WdReferenceType Document, Selection, Range
WdRelativeHorizontalPosition Frame
WdRelativeVerticalPosition Frame
WdReplace Find
WdRevisionsBalloonMargin View
WdRevisionsBalloonWidthType View
WdRevisionsMode View
WdRevisionsView View
WdSalutationType Document
WdSaveFormat Document
WdSaveOptions Application
WdSectionDirection PageSetup
WdSectionStart PageSetup
WdSeekView View
WdSelectionFlags Selection
WdSelectionType Selection
WdShowFilter Document
WdSortFieldType Selection, Range
WdSortOrder Selection
WdSortSeparator Selection
WdSpellingWordType Application, Range
WdStatistic Document
WdStoryType Selection, Range, Bookmark
WdStyleType Style
WdSummaryMode Document
WdTableFieldSeparator Selection, Range
WdTableFormat Selection, Range
WdTCSCConverterDirection Range
WdTextOrientation Selection
WdTextureIndex Shading
WdTwoLinesInOneType Range
WdUnderline Range Font?
WdUnits Selection, Range
WdUseFormattingFrom Document
WdVerticalAlignment Pagesetup
WdViewType View
WdWindowState Application
WdWordDialog Application
WdXMLSelectionChange Application


Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers. Appendix. Objects and Enumerations.

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