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Etude 3.4. The Transcriber Project. Integration of Microsoft Word and Windows Media Player

Transcriber is
1. A person who translates written messages from one language to another.
2. Someone who represents the sounds of speech in phonetic notation.
3. Someone who makes a written version of spoken material.
4. A musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance.

This web site is all about the Transcriber Project.

VBA Code of this project with my comments will be "the last brick in the wall".


P.S. 15-Oct-2009.

When I began to write this book, I promised to publish the source codes of the “Transcriber” project. The creation of this book took several years (frankly speaking, I was in no hurry) and now I don’t consider the idea to be right.

Firstly, the two and a half thousand lines project is still too unwieldy for a textbook. Though it isnt that big of its own accord.

Secondly, an attentive reader of this book (I hope) can develop such or even better project on his own.

That is why there are no “Transcriber” source codes in this edition, though I didn’t abandon the idea to publish them in one of the next editions of this book.



Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers. Etude 3.4.

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