Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers

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Here is a list of Word objects and enumerations mentioned in the Book.

Help information about Microsoft Word objects origins from MSDN site and has been formatted, rearranged and made handy by the author. You will find all Application object methods and properties together with corresponding enumerations on the single page and will save a lot of time clicking and waiting for web pages.

Information about font sizes, special and diacritic symbols as well as concise typographic dictionary is from "ParaType" web site Professionals usually know much more about typography than ordinary man could need.

All Etudes.
Microsoft Word Object Model
Object Application
Object Document
Object Range
Object Selection
Object View

Etude 1.3. Finding and Painting Hyperlinks.
"Edit Hyperlink" dialog. Hyperlink object and Hyperlinks collection.
"Find and Replace" dialog. Find object and Replacement object.

Etude 1.4. Styles.
Enumerations Color and ColorIndex
Object Border
Object Frame
Object Shading
Object Font
Object ParagraphFormat
Object Style

Etude 1.6. Text in The Column
Object PageSetup
Object TextColumn
Object LineNumbering

Etude 1.7. Formatting Headline
Object Bookmark

Etude 3.1 Document Properties and Variables.
Microsoft Word Document Properties


Concise Typographic Dictionary
Diacritic Symbols
Special Symbols
Font Sizes


Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers. Appendix. Index.

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