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To bring the Program to the highest degree of perfection is impossible without users feedback.
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February 3, 2008

"Microsoft Office Extensions: why?"

PC Magazine/Russian Edition, 2008 No.1, p. 79.

April 3, 2007

PCMag/RE Article "Office 2007: New Development Platform" (in Russian) by Igor Novikov.

The Article describes the behavior of the Program under Word 2007.

February 5, 2007
PC Magazine: It works!

PC Magazine/RE

"Microsoft Office Extensions" Contest

The Program was successfully tested and got a "Yes, it Works!" logo.

PC Magazine/RE:
Recommended: 29.11.06

Rating: 5

An elegant feature which is absent in standard Microsoft Word. The program allows to control speech sound file playback directly from Microsoft Word. The program is implemented as Microsoft Word template (.dot) and is accompanied by a detailed help file. During testing the program proved to work reliably and without any errors.

Especially we would like to mention the elegancy of the suggested solution. The program doesn't limit a user in available formats of text documents and allows a user to keep the information (sound labels) that is necessary to control Windows Media Player. The program is as elegant as simple and allows even non-experienced users to use all features of fully functional speech transcriber."

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