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The Transcriber Project


This is the homepage of the "Transcriber" project.
Transcriber is a device or a program for documenting speech phonograms.

Publication of my new book "Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers" is started on September 2007.


This project integrates two great technologies - Microsoft Word and Windows Media Player (just a "player" below). Template "" ("Program") is intended to transform Microsoft Word to the fully functional digital transcriber - audiotext editor for professional typists with simultaneously listening phonograms and controlling playback. Audiolabels give direct access to any part of any phonogram.


Program has been tested with
Microsoft Windows XP SP2,
Microsoft Word 2003 (11.8026.8028) SP2 and
Windows Media Player v.

Typical Users

The typical categories of transcriber users are

  • Typists
  • Journalists
  • Foreign language teachers and their students
  • Private detectives

Atypical transcriber users, for example, could store play lists directly in the Microsoft Word documents.


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Etudes for Microsoft Word programmers

Publication of my new book "Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers" is started on September 2007.

Approximately once in a month (or once in two months) I am going to publish a new etude. The whole publication will be finished approximately in Summer 2008 (or in Summer 2009, I really don't know).

Some first etudes and some parts of the appendix are waiting for the readers.

C++ Etudes

"Etudes C++" page was added. On this page I will publish etudes for programmers. Each etude is dedicated to one small program (utility) which is interesting "as it is" and as a task for "home" work. Typically each etude includes brief functionality description, some screenshots and output examples if applicable. Etudes that will be described in the "Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers" are already published.

Books (Russian only)

The Russian part of the site contains an interesting division "Books" where I publish citations from some brilliant  books together with associations and additional information. The topics are "Art", "Programming", "Chronology", "Artefacts" and "Insane Ideas".




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