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Utility "GetOLEProps.exe", 108 Kb, ZIP,  [download].


Every Microsoft Word document (or template) as well as any other OLE document has a set of built-in and custom properties. Some built-in properties (such as "Comment") are editable, other built-in properties (such as total amount of words in the document) are "read-only" and their values are calculated. All custom properties are optional and editable. The user can edit document properties using application ("File\Properties..." menu item) or directly in the Windows Explorer.

The utility "GetOLEProps.exe" is intended for extracting built-in and custom document properties and saving them in XML format.

You can find a more detailed description of the "GetOLEProps.exe" utility in the Etude named "Document Properties and Variables" in the book "Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers".
This Etude has not been published yet.


The main window of the "GetOLEProps.exe".

Built-in document properties.

The main window of the "GetOLEProps.exe".

Custom document properties.

The dialog "About".

Program version information.

Saved XML file in the Internet Explorer window.

Output XML File Sample

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
Created by GetOLEProps utility. Time = May 14, 2007. 11:37:28
 2000-2007. Evgeny Akhundzhanov. All rights reserved worldwide.
See details on "C++ Etudes" page on
- <Document>
- <BuiltInProperties>
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Title" Value="VBA Macros for ah_play_lm.dll" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Subject" Value="Template Ah!SoundLink_LM.DOT" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Author" Value="Evgeny Akhundzhanov" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Keywords" Value="" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Comments" Value="Microsoft Word and Media Player Integration." Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Template" Value="Ah!" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Last Author" Value="Evgeny Akhundzhanov" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Revision Number" Value="897" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Edit Time" Value="16010101183500" Type="VT_FILETIME" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Last printed" Value="" Type="VT_EMPTY" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Created" Value="20041101180500" Type="VT_FILETIME" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Last Saved" Value="20051106162000" Type="VT_FILETIME" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Page Count" Value="1" Type="VT_I4" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Word Count" Value="153" Type="VT_I4" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Char Count" Value="873" Type="VT_I4" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Thumbnail" Value="" Type="VT_EMPTY" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Application" Value="Microsoft Word 9.0" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <BuiltInProperty Name="Doc Security" Value="0" Type="VT_I4" />
- <CustomProperties>
  <CustomProperty Name="_PID_LINKBASE" Value="" Type="VT_BLOB" />
  <CustomProperty Name="Author" Value="Akhundzhanov Evgeny" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <CustomProperty Name="" Value=" " Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <CustomProperty Name="E-mail" Value="etudes[AT]transcriber[DOT]ru" Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <CustomProperty Name="Version" Value=", 08-Dec-2004." Type="VT_LPSTR" />
  <CustomProperty Name="AhSoundDocument" Value="123" Type="VT_LPSTR" />



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