Etudes C++

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Etudes C++

On this page I will publish etudes for programmers. As a rule each etude is dedicated to one small program (utility) which is interesting "as it is" and which is like a task for homework. Typically each etude includes brief functional description, some screenshots and output examples if applicable.

Originally all programs are written in C++ for Microsoft Windows, but you can write them using any other programming language for any other platform providing that the problem is interesting for you.

Microsoft Visual Studio 7 was used. MFC libraries are statically linked. Unicode OK.
All programs were tested under Microsoft Windows

All programs are freeware and are provided "as is".
No technical support is assumed.

The author guarantees that all programs on this site contain no viruses, no adware and no spyware.



Utility "GetOLEProps.exe", 108 Kb, ZIP,  [download].

Each Microsoft Word document (or template) as well as any other OLE document has a set of built-in and custom properties. Some built-in properties (such as "Comment") are editable, other built-in properties (such as total amount of words in the document) are "read-only" and their values are calculated. All custom properties are optional and editable. User can edit document properties using application ("File\Properties..." menu item) or directly in the Windows Explorer.

The utility "GetOLEProps.exe" is intended for extracting built-in and custom document properties and saving them in XML format.



Utility"Clip2File.exe", 82 Kb, ZIP,  [download].

The utility "Clip2File.exe" is intended for working with Windows clipboard. It can save clipboard content to a file and restore saved content from the file to clipboard. It can "copy" bitmap (.BMP) files to the clipboard as well.



"WordCount.exe" and dynamic library "AhWordCount.dll", 204 Kb, ZIP,  [download].

The utility "Clip2File.exe" is intended for collecting words and styles statistics in the selected Microsoft Word document or in all Microsoft Word documents for the selected folder. Utility uses Microsoft Word as automation server.




Etudes C++

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