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Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers

Evgeny Akhundzhanov's electronic book "Etudes for Microsoft Word Programmers" (Edition I, October 15, 2009) is available in CHM format for off-line reading.

English versionEnglish version. "EtudesVBA2003Eng.chm", CHM, 9.33 Mb [download].
Русская версияRussian version. "EtudesVBA2003Rus.chm", CHM, 10.9 Mb [download].


Transcriber Versions

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Transcriber Version 2

July 26, 2007.
Download (Version 2, ZIP, 2.26 Mb)
Full Description in CHM Format (v.2, 1.37 Mb)

Transcriber Version 1

February 12, 2007.
Download (Version 1, ZIP, 2.4 Mb)
Full Description in CHM Format (v.1, 1.87 Mb)


PC Magazine: It works! 

The first version of the Program took part in the "Microsoft Office Extensions" Contest and won the first prize in the "Winter-Spring 2007" season.

Program page on "Microsoft Office Extensions" web site (Russian) 


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